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Our Resources have been upgraded and expanded to support Teachers to teach Reading more explicitly, while allowing students to measure their own learning, and easily identify ‘Next Steps’ from Magenta to Sapphire (5-12+ years)

We have linked the Learning Intentions (‘Reading Rockets’ and ‘Blast Offs’); Teacher Planners and Student Measures (Tools) along with all the Progressions (Magenta to Sapphire), with National Standards and NZC, so that this has become a very comprehensive programme for teaching Reading in New Zealand Primary Schools.

  1.   A Practical Resource for Teachers to provide EXPLICIT teaching for    students in their Literacy Learning from Year 1 to Year 8.

  2.   Printable resources designed and collated by two specialist Literacy teachers.

  3.   Measures in Reading against National Standards; Literacy Progressions and other explicit Literacy resources.

  4.   Teacher Planning provided for Explicit Teaching.

  5.   Explicit Learning Intentions for students to measure their own success and recognise their Next Learning Steps. 

  6. Variety of Additional Resources and ideas to print and use by Teachers and students to achieve in Literacy. 

  7.   Power Points and Handouts to provide training for Teacher aides, Ears for Reading, Tuakana Teina and more.


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